Company Profile

Yeou Yih Hardware Enterprise designs and produces a wide-range variety of metallic slide rail tracks, metallic K/D furniture parts, PC-desk keyboard/stationery pull trays,safety PC receptacles, and plastic CD racks.

The company produces various drawer slides and slide rails, embedded slide rails, two-stageremovable rails, steel-ball bearing track, miniature guideways, heavy-duty tracks, and construction-use tracks.Yeou Yih welcomes collaboration with suppliers to develop new products.

Equipped with the latest steel-bearing-slide building machines, plastic injection-molding machines, and punch presses, Yeou Yih wants to ensure they are able to offer the highest product quality for their clients without additional concerns of unreliability.

Yeou Yih treats the surface of their slide railswith rustproofing, and can handle designs for miniature to heavy-duty slide rails, while offering one-stop services with consistent quality and fast deliveries. The company welcomes ODM and OEM orders.

Main Products and Services
Various sized metallic slide rails, metallic furniture parts, plastic drawers/CD racks, keyboard and stationery pull trays, safety PC receptacles, Japan-specified power outlets and plugs, and more.

Year Established:1999

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Specializing in making furniture slides, CD racks, PC-keyboard-related products etc.